Jennifer Lopez’s and Rocker Dee Snider Attacks Shakira Super Bowl Halftime Show

Dee Snider didn’t care for what he saw during Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime appear. The Twisted Sister frontman censured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for what he considered too attractive exhibitions for the NFL’s family-accommodating crowd, and demanded a musical crew would have brought an alternate vibe. “Beginning to pole humping, ass slapping, ass shaking end. If that’s the requirements for a half-time show, none of the rock bands I know can or will do that.-justsayin,” Snider tweeted Sunday night. Shakira and Lopez played out a variety of their hits, with…

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From Ron Rivera Interim chief trainer Perry Fewell takes infront

Ron Rivera could have hammered the entryway closed subsequent to learning the news. They could have exited at that exact instant. Other terminated football trainers sure have. Rather, Rivera helped their companion get ready for their four-game tryout as between time lead trainer of the Carolina Panthers. Presently, it’s Perry Fewell’s time. “Emotions are at a premium when that occurs,” Fewell said at the podium after Wednesday’s practice. “It’s easy for you to slam the door, pack up your things and walk out, or just walk out, but he took…

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